Monday, August 22, 2005


I’ve been depressed all day. Coming home didn’t do much to alleviate it either. I’m working on the house. Jeff was kind enough to give me some brown paint and I’m trying it out on my porch. So far, it look s good. Tonight I’m going to scrub the rest of the porch and get down to some serious painting. Tomorrow I’m going to Lowe’s to take a look at lattice to go around the bottom of the porch. The stuff I have is flimsy and broken in several spots. I’m also looking into a new screen door, exterior paint (white), a ladder, and generally anything else that might make my house look better. I need to measure the living room and Gawd knows where my measuring tape is. I have hardwood floors but they look shitty. I’m going to go outside and scrub around a little and paint a little and sit in the sun. Maybe I’ll feel a bit better. I didn’t sleep good last night so maybe tonight will be better.
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