Saturday, September 03, 2005

I Can't Keep Quiet Any Longer

I've purposefully not posted about my feelings about what has happened in NOLA since Hurricane Katrina. Whatever I've said has been more about concern for my family and friends. Now, after listening Mayor Nagin tell the government to "get off their asses" and he feels as though he has nothing to lose, hell they've lost everything, I'll say this. This IS the worst response to a natural disaster I can ever recall. THE WORST. A day or two into it, and I was wondering where the hell everyone was. My dad even said it and my dad is a Republican and military and he's disgusted. DISGUSTED. Disheartened and helpless like the vast majority of us are to do anything. I'm going to say this and you folks can bitch and moan and gripe about partisanship and that I'm a Democrat, whatever. I'm a citizen of this country first and a Democrat, mid-leaning Centrist, second. I DID NOT SEE GOVERNOR JEB BUSH CRYING AND CUSSING ON NATIONAL TELEVISION, PLEADING, BEGGING FOR HELP AFTER HIS STATE WAS DEVASTATED BY HURRICANES. Think about it. This is not just about our President. This is about OUR ENTIRE GOVERNMENT. I'm ashamed that MY representatives, Republican and Democrat, because we do have both, didn't put more pressure on to resolve this situation more quickly. It could have been done. My dad, a 25 year veteran of our armed forces says, "It should have never come to this." Our President, our representatives, should have looked at everyone around them and said, "MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!!" Instead, they held a freakin' meeting, like no one knew this hurricane didn't have the potential to be one of the worst hurricanes and wreak CATASTROPHIC DAMAGE throughout the Gulf Coast region. Our President is not the only person in Washington with power but when its the President's son or the President's brother, I don't guess people need prodded as much to do their fucking job. And finally, if you don't like what I just said, I don't care. Its the truth. I have my own memory. I don't need CNN to refresh my recollection of hurricanes to hit the US within the past 20 years. Even my cousins were making excuses for the poor response. It takes time to mobilize the National Guard. Good one, except my brother is in the National Guard and has been for almost 20 years. When my brother gets the call, my brother is GONE. My brother packs his shit, kisses his wife and kids and leaves. Because its his duty. He took an oath to this country. The National Guard are the minutemen of modern society. And even in this little poor state, our citizens, devastated by flooding a few years ago, weren't waiting for supplies. Granted, it was on a much, much, much smaller scale, but they were there. Its time to stop making excuses. I would feel the same about my govenor, who is a Democrat, if he pissed around at his retreat at the Greenbrier and didn't return to Charleston. I'd vote him out of office for such a lack of caring for his fellow citizens. People like that don't deserve to run a state much less a country. General Honore... Git 'er done!!
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