Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Confessions of Nanner

I hate waking up early. Hate it. But, I hate getting up late, because then I feel as though I’ve wasted the day. In this regard, I can’t win. I love morning time. I hate getting out of bed, but I love mornings. The world is quiet, the cats are purring, and there’s something special about watching the sun rise over the mountains, and smelling fresh air, especially in Spring or Fall. I can be anal retentive, especially about my beading, my writing, and my space. Not that my space has to be neat or clean, but that it’s mine, mine, mine, all mine, don’t touch. As for my beading, remember that pretty Russian sunflower. I took it apart last night after putting a center on it and everything. That’s right, cut it apart. Because Nanner is so fastidious (anal), I could take it apart and not compromise the integrity of the leaves, except for the one that was pissing me off. I like symmetry and balance. There was one leaf that curled too far to one side. It wouldn’t let me straighten it out because the beads were too tight. As much as you guys saw a pretty brooch, I saw that one fucking leaf. I would never be satisfied if I didn’t fix it. I feel so much better now that I took it apart and started re-doing the leaf. I’m also glad I did this because I also didn’t like how the back looked. Back schmack, right? Wrong. My host mother does uber awesome cross stitch. What do you think the back of her pieces look like? Well, a lot better than mine ever did. Backs matter. There were just too many strings, and the wire from the center was poking through, it just looked, messy. Everything in my life is messy, except my beading. Not gonna start now. This time, I will sew everything together, get the center put on and then put a back on it to cover everything up. That’s a better idea. I’m full of ‘em, just ask me. I’m going to be a grandmeow again. That bitch Lola, remember Lola? The black cat I gave away that came home? Well, she clawed all of the covering away from around the air conditioner and squeezed out of the opening. Now she’s too preggo to squeeze anything but a couple of kittens out. *Sigh* Adding insult to injury, Ireland got out this morning and promptly made off with the neighbor’s tom cat who looked like he had just won the lottery. Its sad when your cats get laid more often than you do. These two are the last to get fixed so I’m hopeful to put the money back while they’re both gestating and suckling to have them fixed. And we were doing so good with keeping them in the house. I’m so disappointed. No, I couldn’t chase her, I was in a towel. How did she get out? I was holding the door open so Preggo Lola could lumber into the house. It’s a conspiracy.
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