Sunday, January 15, 2006

From The . . .

You've Got to Be Kidding Me and Drunk Dialing Files: Nate did much better in school last week, aside from lying about an assignment on Friday. This lying sent Jeff into a tailspin and he’s thinking over whether he still wants to be Nate’s dad. He feels as though he’s put so much time and effort into Nate that he should be seeing a better reward. Welcome to life. I’m not proud of Nate nor do I uphold the fact that he lied. However, I guess Jeff also doesn’t see the progress that Nate has made nor does he understand that childhood and learning is a process not a destination. "Rewards" with Nate are hard to come by. He’s a "one step forward, two steps back," kinda kid. I don’t know what will happen on Wednesday when Nate goes back to school. I’m not sure what Jeff is going to do or not do. I told him I didn’t think him dropping out of Nate’s life and "giving up" on him is the thing to do. Then again, what do I know? I’ve gone through this with Nate since he was born. Certainly is tough to come into it after so many years and not be able to see the progress that Nate has made. Jeff talked about everything he’s done for Nate - going to the school, meetings, etc., etc., and how Nate is disrespecting and not grateful for the things that he has done. Welcome to parenthood. Should Nate be grateful? I believe he should be. But Jeff should also realize, this is all a part of being a parent, and the gratefulness normally comes later. He expected Nate to make this miraculous turn around, immediately, and when it didn’t happen, he’s pissed he put so much time and effort into it and is not reaping a "reward." So, there ya go. In happier news, my long lost friend Joe, drunk-dialed me last night. My caller ID says it was 2:20 when he rang me up. I know it was about 4:30 when we got off the phone. I know I gave him the URL to my blog, but I’m not all entirely sure he was lucid enough to write it down properly. He said he was a little unsure about calling me since he wasn’t sure who would answer the phone or who I would be in bed with. Awwwww ... ha! Also since we haven’t spoken in five years, was worried I would be pissed that I hadn’t heard from him sooner. Phooey! I was thrilled to hear from him. It also meant that I didn’t have to hear the accusatory sound of his mother’s voice when I called to ask for HIS number, which I’ve contemplated doing numerous times. Hahahahaha! We got a big laugh out of that. We also decided that we would start dating and not contact one another again until May so as not to screw up in the first five months of the relationship. Hahahahhahhaha!!! That’s a joke, okay? I guess you just have to know us. Joe is one of the best poets I’ve ever read. He has a style all his own and while it makes you laugh, it makes you laugh either out loud or you laugh until you get the real just of it and then you’re uncomfortable with his no-holds-barred view on people, society, and pretentiousness, especially when you see yourself in it. Truly, he can write me under the table. I’m not sure he can drink me under the table but he certainly can write me under one. Joe, if you read this, thanks for calling. I missed you.
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