Friday, June 16, 2006

Dear Diary

I was stood up on my date and then I went to the see that horrible movie, “The Break Up.” Honestly, what was the point of that movie other than to depress me? I know that part of my problem is it is very difficult to let people into my life and to trust people. AZ said I need to work on that. Like he is one to talk. Pot. Kettle. Black. This leads me to wonder though if I have pushed him away some how over the years. It would help if he would tell me. Vulnerability is not my strong point anymore, nor his. Perhaps we are destined to orbit one another, stuck in each other’s gravitational fields on elliptical orbits which bring us a breath apart and then sling us miles away from one another. Perhaps one day we’ll crash into one another and explode in large ball of dust and flame. It’s the best I can hope for now.
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