Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Things Are Looking Up

Okay, I’m feeling much better, now just back to being extremely busy. Saw AZ yesterday and talked to him three times. He’s graciously allowed me to apprentice, sort of, as a screen printer at his shop. In other words, I walked in, told him I wanted to learn, and I was also going to organize his office. I like screen printing much better than document review. AZ and I have talked about me doing some secretarial work, sales work, and learning the screen printing trade in the past and now I’m just lining work up for when this job ends. I also am applying for a part-time creative writing/research assistant position. I still have my beads and I have a demonstration set for August. I was even able to squeeze in a date yesterday. He’s very nice. We have another date this evening. Not sure if there is any spark yet, but we’ll see. My sinuses are still draining although the TMJ has abated for the time being, yet, I am still unable to turn my mind off and go to sleep at night. I think I miss a certain little boy. I think I miss that little boy a whole lot. AZ left the shop yesterday and I had a chance to talk to the guys who work there, who have known AZ as long or almost as long as I have and they were both very encouraged that I was there and were hoping that I was going to step in and relieve some of AZ’s workload. Good guys, both from where I grew up. One is actually the step-brother of a girl I ran around with in high school. Yet, as AZ has pointed out, they need a babysitter and that’s why he’s stuck there a lot. Heh. Enter Nanner. As one of the guys said yesterday, “Ya know, you could help answer phones, do sales, help with the printing, do the books, pay some bills, order supplies, and if we’re not really busy, you could do your beading at one of the tables. We could really use the help.” Cross your fingers that Nanner will have a more interesting job by the end of summer. Not to mention, I would get to work with one of my absolute favorite people in the world. I think the Lord and Lady are smiling on me.
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