Sunday, June 04, 2006


The past week I didn’t have much sleep. After attending the family reunion and sucking down bucketloads of pollen which aggravated my sinuses which then began dripping into my throat which then caused my tonsils and uvula to swell and get all kinds of gross gunk on them, I was unable to sleep well. One morning in particular, I had horrible lucid dreaming. If I’m having sex or fooling around, I don’t much mind lucid dreaming, but I wasn’t, I was fixing cars or watching cars be fixed, over and over and over. I only lucid dream when I drink Jim Beam or if I’m in some type of gnawing pain which isn’t painful enough to actually wake me, but painful enough that I’m half awake and attempting to dream at the same time. Then as I was beginning to feel half-human, I met this guy who is really interesting and smart and was staying up way too late chatting (among other things which would give my mother a heart attack) and then since Nate was at Jeff’s and this interesting guy is leaving for Afghanistan very soon, we decided we should meet and off I go. No, he’s not military, he’s an international contractor (having spent time at both the North and South Poles and several other foreign countries, I figure he can say that with all honesty). Anyway, it was a decent drive to where he was and then it was up early in the morning and I drove home and with all good intentions but that bed just looked too inviting. Upon waking at some point I realized I hadn’t eaten and watching simulations of how catastrophic an eruption of Mt. Rainier could be was not filling my gut, so I went to Applebee’s and had a nice quiet dinner, all by myself, with booze and dessert. I still had good intentions but watched an episode of “Forensic Files” when I heard it start thundering so I plodded outside to grab the comforter off the clothes line and of course the air cooled down and the wind picked up and the comforter was fresh. Not to mention, it was thundering, which we have all now determined is some type of sleeping draught for me, and I didn’t wake from my slumber until after 10. I was supposed to be stopping by T-Bird’s and she had called, although my phone was on the floor buried under some clothes, I guess I heard it and it woke me. So, now it’s 2:38 and I should be wide awake but it is one again, nappy time. Sweet dreams.
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