Sunday, August 20, 2006

Everything is OK

AZ has returned. I spoke to him last night and this morning. He seems tired but in an evened out decent mood. No finger pointing has ensued and I just feel better knowing he's back even though I was wondering if I would be. Relationships are complicated. I had a job interview on Friday and I have another one tomorrow. Although the peeps seemed nice, although highly Republican, the thought of moving from one sit down job to another is just almost too much to bear. Not that I've ever been cut out for a desk job, but as I get older the more kinetic I seem to become. And set in my ways. I can sit for hours and bead or write, but I'm also free to smoke and play loud music and move around if I so desire. I think that is it. I like to move around a lot. I always have. I'm constantly up and down. Aside from all of the problems I faced last week, I felt much better doing sales and pulling t-shirts and basically, running my ass off. I'm happier, freer, and more confident. I really have to give this some thought...
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