Wednesday, November 17, 2004

An Honest Man

Let me tell you about the nicest, sweetest, most faithful, loyal, honest man I know (besides my Dad). He's one of the lawyers I work for. I'll call him... LM. LM is 36 years old and has been engaged for the past seven years to Karla. I'll call her that because she reminds of the stone cold killer, Karla Fry, played by Brigitte Nielsen in Beverly Hills Cop II. She's blonde, statuesque and... a conniving, lying bitch. When I started working here, I heard all about her startling beauty, her Nordic princess looks etc. When I met her, I couldn't have been more surprised. Yes, she was tall, Nordic looking, and equally as cold as the Baltic in winter. My boss... Big Boss, the one I work for now, as I used to work for LM, feels the same way. She has absolutely no warmth at all. The first time I met her was at their home where I had gone to pick up some papers or something for a project. She told me what a lazy bum he was... blah, blah, blah. She also talked about him to Big Boss, yeah, basically what an idiot he is. Big Boss's wife now will not allow Karla in her house because she detests her so much. Yet, LM is blinded by... something. His brother, LB has a tall, Swedish wife, who has pumped out four kids and LM just wants to be like him. LB is the Rhodes Scholar, uber-successful lawyer while LM... well, he's a lot like me. ADD, low self-esteem... etc. blah blah. So, Karla works for LB at his firm down the street. Since I started working here 4 1/2 years ago, LM has been wanting to exchange the rings, seal the deal, and start a family. Its been one excuse after another on her part. First, she wanted a big wedding but they didn't have the money because both were paying off student loans, well, she was paying off student loans while LM paid all the bills. Then, she didn't want a big wedding, but wanted to just go to Italy or somewhere and get married. Umm.. that didn't happen either. Then, she didn't want to until she converted to Judiasm. So, she finally converted and they were going to have a short, family ceremony in front of the rabbi and fly off to parts unknown for their honeymoon this December. Now, she's decided that she does want a big wedding and they'll have to wait until May. Why buy the cow? Hell, she's milking him for everything he has. She makes, roughly, 25 - 30,000 more a year than he does yet he's paying for their fancy new house (his name's on the loan, yet her name is also on the deed). When he wanted to buy a dog, they couldn't get a run-of-the-mill dog, they had to have something special. How about an Italian Spinone? How about the fact this dog cost $1000.00... and how about the fact that in order for her to "give him permission" to get the dog, he also paid her $1000.00. Has your jaw dropped yet? This is just the tip of the iceberg. Not to mention, when they are together, she treats him like shit and with utter contempt. I guess if a guy was so in-love, infatuated over me that I could run over him with a steam roller, I wouldn't have much respect for him either. Then again, I would probably be so fucking grateful I would fuck him every night and blow him everyday, cook every meal and have all the babies he wanted. Here's the kicker. She has managed to convince him that her "best friend" .... oh what's his name... yeah, SB, is indeed gay so she can go over and spend the night with him, go out and have drinks etc. without LM. News flash* SB is not gay. If anything, he's a Casanova yet LM refuses to listen to us when we tell him... SB IS NOT GAY!!! Oh, and let me tell you, practically all of my "male friends," yeah, they've had a piece of me in one form or another. I don't believe it for one second that she's not fucking SB when she has the chance. Shhhhhh... let me tell you a secret. Big Boss and I have had closed door meetings about this situation. As it goes along, we become more and more in-tune to what is causing LM to allow this shite to go on. Big Boss is concerned because we're certain that if anything happens other than them walking merrily down the aisle that LM will hit bottom and not recover for quite some time. Frankly, we need him. Come on, the firm just bought another firm for a million dollars and Big Boss will be dealing with that so LM is going to have to take up the slack in the main office. A while back, Big Boss just point blank asked me if there was anything I could do. *wink* Its no secret around this office that I would throw LM down on a desk, in the chair or elsewhere and have my way with him. He knows it too. But, he's an honest man and an honorable one. He's the kind of man every woman dreams of marrying. Not that we haven't crept close to the edge at times... once, right before he went on vacation, I was sitting on the edge of his desk before he left and... that buzz hit the air and it was right there for us to kiss but we both backed off. *Kicks self in ass* We've backed off on saying ANYTHING about Karla. We know if we say anything it will just make him more defensive and he'll stay with her that much longer. Now, we're making bets. If he doesn't get married by May 1st, then he has to pay Big Boss $100, if he does get married by then, Big Boss pays him $100. Since I heard of the last delay in his marriage arrangements I went to his office, hands on hips, frowning. I don't care if he ever fucking marries her. I think it would be the worst thing that ever happened to him and I don't think the snotty, conceited bitch will ever have any babies, which he desperately wants. This morning I just said that this whole business is fucking ridiculous. He didn't have much to say until I walked up behind him and started massaging his neck and shoulders (this is common as he used my trigger point release to crack his neck) and then I wrapped my arms around him and pressed my breasts into his back, whispering in his ear, teasing and tempting him, letting him know exactly what I would do to him and for him. The man has a spine of STEEL. Okay? I told him though, "Fine, but if you're not married by the end of May, I think its time you either shit or get off the pot and start having a little fun. Tell me if you're not married by the end of May that you'll give me a chance." I've made similar offers such as this and he's always blushed, told me how much he was sure he would enjoy it but he couldn't. This time though, he didn't smile or blush, he simply nodded and said, "Okay, if I'm not married by the end of May, we'll have a serious discussion about it." LM is one of the few men in my life, that if he walked up to me and asked, "Will you marry me?" I would look at my watch and ask if we had time to get to the Courthouse. Hands down, no doubts. Still, I can't figure out who the biggest fool is, him or her? Him for letting her use him and abuse him the way she does, or her, for using and abusing one of the very best men I know. A man that any woman would be proud to be seen with and to love. A man who is faithful and family-oriented. A man who has repelled advances from me, female clients and female friends, to be faithful to her. Sigh. What a waste of a good man.
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