Wednesday, March 15, 2006

New Employment!

Due to Jeanette’s good job mojo, I have secured other employment. Yeah. They called at 10 a.m. and told me to be there at 1:00 p.m., bells on, whistles blowing. That wasn’t a lot of time to close out the stuff at my other law firm so I’ll be going in on Saturday to finish up, file, etc. I have no computer, no phone, no nothing, and I won’t. This is strictly document review, about 35-45,000 pages worth. I’m working with seven attorneys on the case so far. I’m not sure if they’ll be hiring anyone else to help us or not. Five of the attorneys are in-house, the other two are temps, like me. We three temps are located at RAM West. I had to run back to my old law firm and pick up my radio so we wouldn’t be able to hear each other breath in the acoustically challenged room where we are working. We had two informational sessions with two attorneys on the matter in the four hours I worked. The second one explained exactly what happened and exactly what we were looking for. Very, very knowledgeable, I learned a lot. I can’t say much about the case, even if most of it is public knowledge. It involves a local oil refinery, so, I now know what steps you take to refine oil into gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, diesel, and asphalt. I know what caustic water, naphtha, and “cracking” are. I know the difference between light sweet and sour crude oil and the differences in how they are refined. I know where the stores of each type of oil are in the world. Fascinating shit. The peeps I’m working with, temp and perm, are, so far, great. We have this incredible coffee maker, too. Over and over we’ve been told that if we need anything to run over to the RAM Central or call on a cell, left us office numbers, cell numbers, if we need juice, tea, pop, or coffee, just let them know. Flexible on the hours, just work eight hard hours a day. The folks over at my old firm are happy for me. I’ll get to spend some time with my still current but soon to be former boss this weekend. I’m still on payroll there too. It’s going to be hard to walk out of there in many ways. In some ways, I’m happy and in others, I’m very sad. I know it will be worth it though, if for nothing else, a swift kick in my ass. For those of you out there that have my mostly defunct cell number, that will be changing since I need a reliable way for folks to get in touch with me. I will send out a blanket e-mail with the new number as soon as I get it, which will probably be Saturday. Posting, commenting, and e-mails will be reduced to before and after work. That is going to be very tough!!! But, it will also be very good for me, because if I can hold onto this, it will be great practice for going back to school. Thanks for the mojo Jeanette, I’ve sent it on to tinyhands!
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