Sunday, October 10, 2004

My Sunday

Ahhhh... Sunday mornings... a time of rest and reflection, the newspaper, hot coffee... mmmmmm... except for me. I got up early this morning to make the trek north to see ANNIE!!! Today is my mom's birthday and also Annie's christening day so I decided that yes, I would go. Unfortunately, the powers that be deemed that I would oversleep and have a very rough time getting my shit together this morning. Its a 2 hour drive and I had to be at the church by 9:30 for services. I left home at 9:00. Hey, at least I called my sister-in-law and told her I was coming but I would be late. In other words, I'm going to miss the christening but I'll be there for the food. Nate and I stopped at a rest area and I changed out of my Sunday-goin'-to-meetin'-clothes. No use now. We got to Annie's Meemaw's house at 11:00 on the dot and the rest of the clan showed up about 15 after. Surprisingly, they were all very nice. Half the family was absent which made it a bit more relaxed. I'll brag now and say that Annie is a beautiful little girl. She's got my eyebrows, forehead and the shape of my head. Definitely, definitely has my forehead!! She's holding her head up really well for two months but she's losing her hair. I think she's going to have lighter hair than her brothers. My brother did a double-take when he saw me. He said, "Well, there's my sister." "Uh, yep, that would be me." I believe this is the friendliest my sister-in-law's family has ever been to me and Nate. Weird. Nate asked on the way up if they were going to christen Annie like they did Ian in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." I laughed and told him that they would put water on her head but they weren't going to dunk her head underwater. I said all they would do is cup their hand and spoon and little water on her, wave their hand over her head and say, "mumble, mumble, Lord God mumble." I guess I shouldn't have said that. I try not to diss other religions in front of Nate. He thought it was a hoot though. "You're so funny Mom!" I just do not believe in christenings. I think if someone's going to annoint me and then splash me with water or immerse me totally like the good Baptists do (in the nasty river no less) then a person should be old enough to decide and make an informed decision. Just like I believe that Jesus looked, ya know, JEWISH and had dark skin and dark hair and dark eyes. Common sense tells ya the man was NOT white! He probably looked, oh, I don't know... very MIDDLE EASTERN since he was born in Bethlehem which is in Israel which is in the MIDDLE EAST! Wasn't I talking about Annie? She made quite the mess while I was there, yep, my niece shit up her back and her front! How many women does it take to change one tiny baby? Four! I'll not describe it. I'm tired. Long trip up, looong trip back. Two hours of nothing but mountains. That has to be the most boring drive in West Virginia. Up the mountain, down the mountain, for two solid hours and nothing remotely interesting but roadkill in between. My dad and I were discussing the influx of raccoons since they had their dog put to sleep. Its becoming quite the nuisance, even in the daylight hours. Coons, unlike 99.9% of opossums, carry rabies. Not to mention, they have one bad attitude and they're mean. Coon season opens October 16th and I can shoot the bastards between 6 p.m. and 4 a.m. Hee hee. Who needs a damn coon dog when the bastards will waddle right out of the woods and make for the garbage can?? I may have me a nice coonskin cap for winter.... Additionally, someone had the bright idea to reintroduce coyotes to West Virginia. These things breed like rabbits!! I wish they would eat the coons but no such luck. If it tells you anything, its open season on them year round. Coyotes are elusive and adaptive, scavengers, they'll eat about anything, including your cat. They can breed with domestic dogs but for the most part in the eastern US, they've interbred with wolves which is why they are about twice the size of a western coyote. No, I'm not the least bit excited about hunting season. Did I mention the squirrels are THICK this year? Did I mention my folks have seen an eight point, four point, three point and spike bucks on their property? Did I mention I'm taking the first day of hunting season off?? Did I mention I e-mailed the DNR about becoming involved in their Beyond BOW program, which is a series of seminars and activities, mainly for women, on becoming or becoming better outdoorswomen? Ahhh... I love Fall!! T-Bird told me this weekend that I've been "different" since I was on the Lexapro and she's glad I'm off of it. She said it made me withdrawn. Hmmmm.... well, I'm solitary anyway. I like my solitude. Frankly, I sort of agreed with her since we've been getting along better and I think one of the reasons we've been getting along better is because I don't see her and I don't talk to her like I used to. My nabe is also a Scorp and she said she's seen that I'm in my, "I'm-tired-of- listening-to-your-problems-I-have-my-own-leave-me-alone-mood." Which is also quite true. Yes, I hermit. Yes, I'm solitary. And when I don't conversate it normally means, I just don't want to. I will answer questions but will offer nothing further. And that's where I've been for two months. I think it just happened to coincide with the Lexapro. Whatever. So, my bud Kevyn is fixing my old computer for Nate to use. Kevyn and I have developed a very close relationship over the past four years. He's probably one of the few men that I can sit down and talk to about deep ass feelings and the why, what fors and complexities of the human animal. I know he had some deep feelings for me, because, WOW, he told me! I was developing some pretty deep feelings for him a while back until I took my crowbar out and beat them into submission. See, my dear Kevyn is married. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt and a life long commitment to Nate. Kevyn and I have never done anything which would raise any eyebrows. I mean, nothing. I think its partially out of respect to his wife and partially out of respect to me that he's never even tried anything. I told him exactly what I said above. He knows all about Sperm Donor and AZ and the rest of them and he knows what I deserve and he's not going to mess with our friendship by playing my emotions. Makes me like him so much more. I don't even say that with a sigh, it is what it is. You know folks, I really miss Dastard.... Was this tangential or what? Oh, I know, its those "unique thought processes."
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    Blogger lucidkim said...

    I love Fall too, but not for the hunting. :) You made me laugh with all of that. I love the trees and cool breezes and somehow it always makes me feel like a do-over. Maybe because school always started again. I still feel like it is time for new beginnings. kim

    10/11/2004 12:13:00 AM  
    Blogger Traci Dolan said...

    Kim - You are right... Fall does feel like a time of new beginnings. And hunting, well, its worth just being in the woods this time of year.

    10/11/2004 07:42:00 AM  

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