Friday, October 08, 2004

This and That

T-Bird called this morning to let me know she's signing up J3 for a bowling league. That is awesome because I'm signing Nate up too. He's always begging me to go bowling... so now he gets to be in a league. They get their own ball and bag, a Shrek ball no less and its $11.00 a week. The only problem is that I had to check with Sperm Donor because that would cut into his visitation time. The bowling alley is almost exactly between our houses... we live 5 miles apart. SD said he would, "Try..." Huh? As in, "I don't really want to take the time to do this..." So, I told him that I would pick Nate up and take him to bowling. Then he said that $11.00 a week is expensive for 24 weeks. I'm like, "Look, if I paid $12.00 A DAY for him to go to daycare then I guess I can eek out $11.00 a week for a bowling league!" Nate desparately needs something like this!!! It will be very good for him. All Sperm Donor wanted to talk about was how his truck caught on fire... yes, fucktard, I know. You told me while you were doped up on all those pills you take. You also told me that I shouldn't have been sitting on your couch watching TV since you were late getting home from Aimee's game. Seems your girlfriend didn't like that. You're girlfriend can kiss my ass. I felt like shit, the door was open, the TV was on. What the fuck? Trust me, if I wanted your skanky ass, I'd have it. I've known you for 11 fucking years bud... and we haven't knocked boots since November or December of 1995... does she really think I'm a threat???? Get the fuck over it! Grrrrrrr..... Martha Stewart comes to WV. Big fucking deal. Geeeee, thanks Martha for pointing out the overcrowding and understaffing of federal penitentiaries... we didn't know that!!! You know Martha, if you had just owned up to doing what you did, perhaps instead of spending the good taxpayer's money on convicting you, they could afford to hire a few more guards. And you know, you're not anywhere near as interesting as "Squeaky" Fromme. Too bad she lives in TX now, I saw some of her embroidery online and she's really good. Too bad she's still "married" to Charlie Manson. By the way Martha, Charlie has relatives in the northern panhandle and perhaps you could visit Mt. Olive while you're here and see how the "real" criminals live. Hope you enjoy pinto beans and cornbread Ms. Stewart. If Paris Hilton used the "N" word, I hope they have her and Nicole Ritchie do a grudge match sorta thing... you know, since Nicole is half African-American. Doesn't make much sense for Paris to diss blacks now does it? On the other hand, she's pretty stupid. If she had as many brains as bucks she'd be downright dangerous. Common sense, which she obviously has none of, would tell me to destroy any further evidence of my sexual liasons, yet she kept the vids in the house and they were stolen. Paris... seek and destroy girfriend!!! You guys helped me raise $360.00 for Alzheimer's Research!!!! THANK YOU MUCH!!!! If 25 peeps walk and they all raised the same amount as me, that's $9,000.00!!! Mutiply that by three walks by 50 states, that's 1.35 million dollars!!!! wOOt!!! I just want to say, I love you guys and you help keep me sane. Props to you.
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    Blogger Phoesable said...

    And props to you, Sister Spirit. My donation began its way to you yesterday morning... a little later than I'd promised, but before you had to remind me! :-) Sorry 'bout that. Happy Friday and happy weekend!

    10/08/2004 12:13:00 PM  
    Blogger Celti said...

    Happy Friday, Inanna bobanna. Yay for bowling! Boo for Martha. Paris?...meh.

    10/08/2004 12:14:00 PM  
    Blogger Michael said...

    Hey Inanna, I was in a bowling league as a kid. And an adult. Don't laugh. I stunk both times. Don't laugh! I did get a strike... in the next lane over. Fine, laugh.

    10/08/2004 04:30:00 PM  
    Blogger Cattiva said...

    Come one really buys Paris' stolen routine do they? She's full of shit, and I'm willing to bet she had something to do with the sex tape "scandal." Let's face it, she's all about publicity. It's all the talent she has. I saw a picture after the first one came out in stores, she had gone in and bought the damned thing and made sure she was photographed with the thing IN her hand, by opening the back of her SUV and bending over. Honey puuullleeeze!

    10/08/2004 04:56:00 PM  
    Blogger Me said...

    Take the skinheads bowling, take them bowling...

    Yay for bowling!! I suck at it, but what a hoot. My friends and I all have nicknames... mine is Atlas because I hold the ball above my head before I bounce it down the lane. Highest score? 57. But I get an 'A' for... Atlas...

    Glad you exceeded your goal, sweetheart! *smooch*

    10/09/2004 12:33:00 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    yay! ang quoted camper van beethoven!

    yay for bowling, too.

    you know, i think nicole ritche was adopted, so she might not be half-black. and if paris hilton called anyone the n-word, she did it soley to get attention. rich people don't use the n-word. they just call them "those people". no, paris was looking at the latest issue of "US" magazine and noticed that she was only mentioned SEVEN times! well, she couldn't have THAT. if she isn't mentioned at least ten times in every fucking magazine in the whole wide world then she just has a bad day! so she called someone a ni@@er and then leaked another sex video to the public.

    and they say she isn't smart...

    10/09/2004 03:00:00 AM  
    Blogger Tsarina said...

    Just when I thought I couldn't hate Paris any more, she does something really repulsive like that! And, yes, Nicole is Lionel's biological daughter. Anyway, glad you exceeded your goal- you're swell!!!

    10/09/2004 11:13:00 AM  

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