Saturday, October 09, 2004

YAY FOR ME!!! *With Update*

* I just looked on the Alzheimer's website to see how much money was raised... and I'm listed as the top fundraiser in the individual category!! WOW!! And YAY for us!! * Not only did I get my carcass out of bed and walk three miles this morning... lots o' peeps at the Alzheimer's Memory Walk... wOOt! for us!!... but also took Nate bowling. Poor skinny kid!!! He'll be working on building those arm muscles~!! Not to mention, I got my used but new to me computer!!! New keyboard, new mouse. I'm stylin'!! Thanks for all the comments on my previous post. Once they get ahead of me I'm doomed. Mike, I didn't laugh once. So, finished Celti's amulet pouch last night. (NOTE TO CELTI -- SEND ADDRESS!!) I am waiting on my lacing tool to finish Ang's, which was actually finished last week, except for the sewing. Everytime I would sew I would mess them up and couldn't find a hole punch small enough so I ran to the local cobbler and asked about making small holes in leather. He told me what it was and I ordered one online for $5.00!!!! wOOt! I didn't get it today :0( Mike's is going to take a bit. I did find the beads I needed but poor Inanna is poor right now since my damn Credit Union decided to HOLD my car payment for THREE WEEKS!!! Huh... so Inanna thinks she got mo money than Inanna got... get me? I hate banks!!! I don't think there are words sufficient to explain how upset I am about this. Sux big time. Ugh, ummmm... what else? Oh, listened to the presidential debate last night... well, part of it. See, Inanna's TV go pfffffffffffffft!!!! other night... so now I got's no TV!! Not that I had CABLE to go with it but at least I had a TV, now its dead. :o( I have an old 13 inch that someone gave me. If you get a picture (with an antennae) then you have no sound... if you get sound, you have no picture. That's why I just "listened." I thought Kerry came across very strong on the abortion and research issues... I couldn't see his face though. He stuttered a bit which pissed me off. I listened as best I could to Bush. Really. After the walk today I heard two ladies talking about the presidential election and how they were both undecided. Inanna jumped in with both feet when they said, "How can you know what is real and what is a lie?" I told them to go to (I wasn't sure about the URL and told them that) and told them its a non-partisan site to cut through the crap. Also told them to visit each candidates website to get the rundown on their views of abortion, education, research etc. That way they could see where both candidates stood. I told them why I was voting for John Kerry. One lady has a son in Kosovo right now. When I asked if he was with the 146th she said yes. That's my brother's unit. Only half of the unit is in Kosovo, the other half stayed here for later deployment. That's the half my bro is with. Anyway, I told said ladies about how the Bush Admin wants to raise the dust levels in the coal mines back to what they were in the 1920's. They were both like, "I didn't know that!" Yeah, its all part of Bush's "back to work" scheme in WV. We'll put ya back to work but we're going to kill you with black lung and OHHHH, by the waaayyyyyyyyyy, we have made it soooo difficult to get black lung benefits that you will be dead, gone, and dust before your family ever sees a penny, if they ever see a penny at all. See... well, its a long story but Federal Black Lung used to be somewhat obtainable but the Elephants got the laws changed so all the peeps with black lung, well, just suffer and you're families can suffer too. Wish I had some links to back this up.... Perhaps I can call and talk to the some black lung lawyers and get that info for ya. Anyway, I gotta bail. T-Bird has Nate... which is really, really odd since he normally doesn't want a damn thing to do with her but has requested to go down to her house today... he must be getting sick. Happy Saturday... be back to check all ya'll's blogs real soon.
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    Blogger Cattiva said...

    HA! You said "I gotta bail," but for some reason I first read it as "I got bail" which I took to mean you MADE bail. SO I had to scroll up to find the part where you got arrested. Sheesh! Long day.

    10/10/2004 04:24:00 PM  
    Blogger Traci Dolan said...

    Cattiva... it must have been a looooonnngg day!!!! :o)

    10/10/2004 06:42:00 PM  
    Blogger Varla said...

    Inanna, you rock. Good for you for helping steer a few more folks in our direction...=) I always find that hard - I hate debating with people, so I usually just don't go there - but not you! Right on, girl.

    10/10/2004 07:41:00 PM  
    Blogger Traci Dolan said...

    Varla there wasn't much of a debate... they mainly sat there with their eyes wide open listening to me outline the reasons why I'm voting for John Kerry. That's right, why I'm voting FOR John Kerry, not just AGAINST President Bush. I have no problem with peeps having a different view than me. Its what makes the world go around, just felt like encouraging them to visit the websites and make an informed choice.

    10/10/2004 10:05:00 PM  

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