Friday, October 15, 2004

Guess What I Heard...?

On the way home from work? Somebody to Love!!! And yes, I sang along with the radio in my car as loud as I could. The house is quiet and cold. Nate has gone to his dad's for the weekend and its 49 degrees outside. Its probably a little lower now as that was over an hour ago. I guess tomorrow I will have to sweep out the furnace and light it. I hate that. I really do. Another big bill to pay. First though, I will have to winterize the house. Pain in ass. I will be working tomorrow. I need the money and I need to get some shit straightened out on the work front. I'll also be cleaning house tomorrow. Can you just say "YUCK!" Must be done before I lose a cat or my kid in the ever increasing piles of junk. I do have a bead project in the works which will be worked on every 45 minutes. I'm be doing "crisis cleaning" tomorrow... compliments of the Flylady. That's m'kay? Someday, I will fly, but for now, I'm just a baby. I don't want to do my attraction spell until the house is in good condition. I feel big things are on the way for me and I want positive space. Goddess knows if I'm going to attract him, I want to at least keep him around long enough to see what happens. I'll be making chili tomorrow. Figured I needed to use some of that deer meat before I wander out into the wild blue yonder to bring home the beef. Got that Celti? I said BEEF!! Although its not beef, its venison. Got that? I said VENISON!! I have to "cure" the deer meat in the fridge over night with spices, onions and Worchestershire Sauce to get the wild taste out. I wish I had a real onion but right now, sadly, very, very sadly, I can't fucking afford one. The Credit Union has absolutely no explanation as to why my check was held three weeks. They blamed it on the post office. All I know is, I'll be busting my ass for weeks to come to get this mess straightened out. Christmas is just around the corner and although I could give a rat's ass, Nate sure does. He's not mentioned much that he wants but what he wants is pricey. Well, eehhhhhh, not too bad. I'd like to get him a few book sets so we can sit down and read them together (as in The Chronicles of Prydain and Narnia, respectively.) I wish they hadn't come out with Harry Potter movies. Its difficult to get him to read the books although I think he's becoming more interested as there are things that I talk about from the books that aren't in the movies. Time to wrap things up around here. I hope my kitties keep me warm tonight... chatter, chatter, chatter.
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    Blogger Michael said...

    Hooray for Jeff. Starship! And beef! I'm gonna eat a nice burger for Celti tonight. And try to abstain from the fries.

    10/15/2004 08:16:00 PM  
    Blogger Traci Dolan said...

    Who's ya Mama? Oh, I mean, Where's the beef??

    10/15/2004 08:38:00 PM  
    Blogger Trashman said...

    I want some of that chili.

    10/16/2004 01:10:00 AM  
    Blogger Traci Dolan said...

    I'll save ya some...

    10/16/2004 09:18:00 AM  

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