Thursday, October 21, 2004

Things I Thought About On My Way To PetSmart

1. I was glad Nate did not have any homework tonight. > 2. Nate's dad was the one who talked me out of applying for the FBI. > 3. I hung out with a female ATF agent for a while who told me her easiest buys were while she was seven months pregnant because they never suspected her. > 4. I figured out in college I would not make it as a profiler in the FBI because psychology was a total bore. > 5. I failed Psychology 101 when I took it the first time. I failed it because I hated the teacher and quit going to class. > 6. I had the opportunity three times to attend the local police academy. Unfortunately, it was when I was six and eight months pregnant and two weeks post-partum. They took me off the list at my request. That used to bother me, but it doesn't anymore. > 7. I was afraid to come in my house when I got home because I knew the cats were out of food. There's eight of them and one of me. Not going there. > 8. Although I've tried not to feel like an idiot, I do. > 9. I'm glad the Sox won. Derek Jeter is now free to romance me. > 10. I really don't think that will ever happen. Although I try to keep an open mind, deep down I feel he may be one spoiled, conceited dude. > 11. I heard a song called, "Ain't Comin' Home" and I made note to look it up when I got home. Its by Silvertide. They just released a disc in September. I like them. Thumbs up. > 12. I heard a song by Styx on the way home too. It reminded me of Tommy Shaw, which reminded me of Damn Yankees, which reminded me of JP because of a comment I made on his blog. > 13. I miss being kissed. > 14. I mused over my favorite Metallica song from "Metallica." I've narrowed it down between Wherever I May Roam, Of Wolf and Man and My Friend of Misery. Then again... eh, feel free to vote. > 15. I thought about Jack and hope he is holding up. > 16. I thought about Trashman getting hit by a deer. > 17. I thought about going to bed early tonight. > 18. I thought about sex. > 19. I thought about sex again. > 20. Its none of ya'lls business who I thought of having sex with. > 21. I thought about quitting blogging. I doubt it. I think I'm just depressed and to stop writing would be a very bad thing right now. > 22. I hate traffic.
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    Blogger Traci Dolan said...

    What I thought about after I finished this post:

    1. Why do basketball and baseball get more than one chance to win and in football they don't? Oh, I get it... World SERIES... that doesn't excuse basketball. I want more hot men in tight pants!!! "Excuse me, but would you like to sign my petition to increase the number of games for the Super Bowl to five?"

    10/21/2004 08:01:00 PM  
    Blogger JamDaddy said...

    Is it a really long ride to Petsmart or were these really short thoughts? Did you have any close calls on the way? I mean the homework thought could go in a flash, but sex, that might cause a pile up if your mind really wanders. It could also just go on for hours, heck you could even miss the store.

    10/22/2004 01:16:00 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    i like "wherever i may roam" the best, i think, though "of wolf and man" is a damn close second.

    i also think all metallica albums after that one sucked.

    i also think that sex is good and i hope you can get some soon. if sex was like a twix bar, i'd give you half.

    i also think that if you quit blogging we would never forgive you. also, i would cry. probably snot up a bit, too.

    my final thought is that i'm thinking of you and hoping you're holding up. ***big hugs*** let me know if i can do anything for you.

    10/22/2004 03:10:00 AM  
    Blogger Celti said...

    I know who you were thinking about, la la la la la la. LOL

    Although I don't think it's on that album, my favorite Metallica song is "nothing else matters"

    Your wheels, just like mine, never do stop spinnin' do they sweetheart.


    10/22/2004 09:37:00 AM  
    Blogger Traci Dolan said...

    JD - LOL!! Its about a 40 minute drive roundtrip. My mind just never shuts up. Can you imagine what I think about on a loooong roadtrip? Thinking about sex while I drive my stick shift makes me a happier driver and much less prone to road rage...

    El Sid - Yeah, I really like “Wherever I May Roam.” Ummm... I liked some of their stuff after that but I liked the stuff before it more. Eh... I don’t see the sex thing happening but thanks for offering me half of your Twix. Don’t start snotting around, I think I just need a slight breather. I’m not sure I’m holding up but I sure am holding on for dear life!!!! Thanks my sweet, *HUGS* to you.

    Celti - Whhhaaaaa??? You know who I was thinking about??? Which one? Never mind, don’t answer that!!! And “Nothing Else Matters” is on the Metallica album. No hun, they never stop spinning.

    10/22/2004 09:49:00 AM  

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